A w a k e n i n g   S l u m b e r i n g   G o d s  

 Seminar with Daniel Joseph 

Arrive at your accomodations Sunday June 5th informal meeting at Baker Creek Converence Center 5- 6 PM
Class starts 10 AM Monday June 6th Click Here for daily Calendar




The 2016 "Awakening Slumbering Gods" seminar is a 5-6 Day retreat in the scenic Banff National Forest in the Canadian Rocky Mountains by Daniel Joseph.   Daniel began studying and training with Daskalos in 1989, and continues to this day, for the research of truth is a never-ending and ever-deeping engagement with reality. 

 We have reserved Baker Creek Mountain Resort, one of the most stunning unspoiled natural locations to be found in the first heaven (Earth) for this important seminar on awakening the sleepy God within.    For those who would like to stay at the resort, we have arranged for a great discounted rate in their guest rooms, Suites and Chalets meals included as shown in details below.


Day One

Where are we?  

We all know we are here on Earth but Earth is only a tiny part of the Greater Reality we find ourselves in.

We will begin with detailed information on where we are in terms of Time, Space, and Place.  We will come to see the levels of we call reality that we journey through during a single incarnation, is much, much bigger and grander than most have suspected.   And that our temporary life on Earth and in the worlds beyond are mostly short lived, unenlightened shadows cast in the three Worlds of Existence but ultimately they are giving us very valuable experiences leading us onward towards the eternal Realms of Beingness.    



Meditations on attuning to Nature.



Day Two

Who/What Are We?

With a better understanding on where we are in the multi layered worlds of existence; in day two will begin an exploration into who and what a human being really is, we will thoroughly examine the threefold human nature of our personality self and the unified divine nature of our Spirit-Soul Self and the teach the process of how to connect these two aspects of our Selfhood.


Meditation Exercises on how to connect the outer personality self with the Inner Soul Self



Day Three

How did I get here? & Where Have I come from?

The fact that you find yourself here on Earth means you were “someplace” before you arrive here.  Each of us is currently in the exact place we are divinely appointed to be – but why?   Day three will begin our examination of the incarnation process for a human being and we definitely will learn exactly “What" it is that incarnates again and again, which may surprise many people.  Starting with our first decent as a human being coming to the planet we will come to understand the process of incarnation, de-incarnation and re-incarnation in a much better and more meaningful way.

Meditations on contacting the higher worlds.



Day Four

Where Am I Going and Why?

The fact that we are here on Earth only for a short time, means there will be someplace else once we pass through the change called death.   Where is that “someplace” and what actually determines the specific good or bad condition of that place each one of us will find ourselves in after the change called death.  Each of us is casting our destiny each day, which determines our place on Earth and will so in the Worlds Beyond.    Rather than being blown about by the winds of Karma, we will learn how to become better masters of our own destiny on day 4.  

Learn the practices that train us to master our thoughts, feelings and ultimately our destiny



Day Five


How do I get there?

In the last day of the seminar we will speak about the real aim of a Research of Truth, or seeker of truth or any human being who seeks the truth.  And we will learn about the most important things we must do in order to achieve our goal and how to do them.  We will examine those forces which empower us towards our aim and those forces that distract, delay and discourage from our objective; as well as how to use the “5 Keys to the Kingdom of the Heavens” to overcome them. 

Meditations on developing our skills of visualization and observation and how to get help from the higher spiritual intelligences.



Day Six (Optional)

On Day six we invite those who can stay to join us for an exploration of the amazing Rocky Mountains with their breath-taking views, and innate power to balance our bodies and bring our heart and mind into peace and harmony – harmony with our self, with others and with the world.  We will visit some the mountains more "secret" places. (Definitely bring a camera!)  We will end the day and our time together with a group meal.  


"Awakening Slumbering Gods" seminar: 500 US Dollars


 To reserve your place for the Awakening Slumbering Gods seminar  please send your full name, address, phone number and email address  to Contact@TheWhale.us  and we will send  the seminar signup details.   Thank you for your interest, we look forward to seeing you at the Awakening Slumbering Gods June 5th 2016 seminar (A Swimming with the Whale presentation).


For seminar reservations, we request an initial $250 US Dollars to reserve your place for the seminar with the remaining $250 balance due April 1st 2016

Baker Creek Mountain Resort Accommodations:  

*Please note that there are no taxis to this location from the nearby towns so a car is need to reach Baker creek lodge, which is 2.5 hours drive from the Calgary international airport, 1 hour drive from Banff, and a 20 minute drive from Lake Louise.

o  Accommodation each night with all taxes and gratuities with  Breakfast, Lunch and two coffee breaks, per day plus all gratuities and taxes.

o  Single suite price all inclusive $242.00 Canadian Dollars  - 169 US Dollars*

o  Double suite price all inclusive $168.00 Canadian Dollars – 117 US Dollars*

o  Single Cabin price all inclusive $286.00 Canadian Dollars - 187 US Dollars*

o  Double Cabin – all inclusive $184.00 Canadian Dollars – 128  US Dollars*

o  Triple Cabin – all inclusive $150.00 Canadian Dollars – 105 US Dollars*

o  Quad Cabin – all inclusive  $132.00  Canadian Dollars - 93 US Dollars*

* As of Jan 21, 2016  1 Canadian Dollar = .71 US Dollar  Click here to see current currency conversion rates

Taxes:   Accommodation Rate include the following taxes 5% gst, 4% tourism levy, 2% tourism improvement fee
Gratuity:  $2 / person / day + GST

Some cabins have two bedrooms or one regular bedroom and loft bedroom – so it is possible for people to share a cabin.

To make a reservation please call Baker Creek Mountain Resort in Canada at +1 (403).522.3761 

 lodge---500cabin 1-500inside-cabin-500trapper-500

If you would like to arrange your own accommodations, there are a number of typical accommodations  in nearby Lake LouiseCanmore or Banff Alberta Canada

Untypical Accommodations 

Post Hotel Lake Louise (20 minute drive to seminar) 

Banff Fairmont Springs Hotel and spa. (1 hour drive to seminar) 


Please note: at Baker Creek Mountain Resort is a small intimate facility so space is limited for this event and the discounted accommodations  so please reserve  early.

 To reserve your place for the Awakening Slumbering Gods seminar  please send your full name, address, phone number and email address  to Contact@TheWhale.us  
and we will send  the seminar signup details.   Thank you for your interest, we look forward to seeing you at the Awakening Slumbering Gods June 5th 2016 seminar (A Swimming with the Whale presentation).

For seminar reservations, we request an initial $250 US Dollars to reserve your place for the seminar with the reaming balance due April 1st 2016

 Accomodations at the seminar location: To make a reservation please call Baker Creek Mountain Resort in Canada at +1 (403).522.3761 – No Deposit Required


For those who are planning or are interested in attending the Awakening Slumbering Gods seminar in June but will not have their own transportation in Canada, we are enclosing some local transportation options below.  


We also have requests from those attending and interested in attending about connecting with others to share the cost of local transportation and/or accommodations at Baker Creek Mountain Resort.    If you are interested please send an email to Contact@Whewhale.us to this email and we will connect those who are interested in sharing.

And please note the prices of these services/accommodations show in Canadian Dollars is significantly less than the US Dollar  (currently 1 Canadian Dollar = .72 US Dollars)   For example the cost for the Brewster shuttle from Calgary Airport to Lake Louise (20 mins from Baker Creek Resort and location of seminar) is 78 Canadian Dollars which is only 56 US Dollars and there is a 15% discount if you book both ways, which makes it even cheaper – see http://www.brewster.ca/transportation/brewster-banff-airport-express/

If you plan to stay elsewhere but do not have your own transportation then Banff is the best location as there are more options for transportation from Banff to the seminar than from Lake Louise.  Also the transportation cost from the Calgary airport to Banff is only 40 US Dollars

Other shuttle options are at http://www.banffairporter.com/rates/  which also include taxi options which could be shared with others to reduce the cost.


If you are staying at Baker Creek, once you know your approximate arrival time to lake Louise, please email us to coordinate getting you from Lake Louise to your accommodations at Baker Creek.

If you are not staying at Baker Creek, then you will need your own transportation to get to the seminar each day or share a ride with others who do have their own transportation.