Our system – of the Researchers of the Truth – is to study and know the truth about our existence and our Beingness. Our Beingness is everlasting, eternal; it is our Spirit-Soul. But our human personality on earth, in the psychical and in the noetical worlds is a creation. So we are double: on the one hand, divine; an everlasting Spirit-Soul, and on the other hand, our personality with its bodies.

How can we distinguish between our Self and that which is not our Self, to know who and what we are? In our system for the Research of the Truth we give certain exercises: introspection  , looking within, and using the Mind vitality in the proper way, exercising our divine nature which is observation and will power.

Our divine power, as Spirit-Soul, is observation leading to knowledge. You must practice observation in what we call introspection – looking within and studying within, by entering the kingdom of the heavens which is in your nature as Spirit-Souls. But in order to reach that you have to pass through a very dirty and bad smelling pool which is your sub-consciousness: passions, weaknesses, jealousies, enmities, and aggressiveness. You have to be bold enough to cross that bad smelling pool in your sub-consciousness and enter the kingdom of the heavens which is your nature. The seven heavens – In the Aramaic language Joshua Immanuel the Christ called them “Malkutahd'buashmayia”, which means the kingdom of the heavens. It needs much work; much sincerity with your lower self [personality-self]. This is the teaching of our system.  ~  Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (Daskalos)